The 10 Best Restaurants in Paris Right Now

This is one mouthwatering list we want to take a bite out of.
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It’s only in Paris that I find myself thriving with zero space at a barely-there bistro table riddled with food and drink, my elbows grazing that of the person next to me as they suck on a cigarette and chat loudly with a passerby. There’s something about this city that lights me up (no pun intended) and melts away my worries, pet peeves, and need for appropriate dining space. 

One of those things is surely the food. It’s both rich and fresh, innovative yet approachable. It’s filling yet perfectly portioned. So, without further ado, let’s dig in.

La Maison Rose

Location: Montmartre 
Price: $$
What to get: Croque-monsieur
The rundown: For the ultimate quaint café experience, La Maison Rose is a must. The charming café is known for its iconic pink color on the exterior, and its role as a gathering place for artists, including Pablo Picasso, in the early 20th century. The menu offers traditional French cuisine with a focus on seasonal vegetables, quality meats, poultry, and fish.

Le Bistro du Perigord

Location: Latin Quarter
Price: $$
What to get: Confit de canard 
The rundown: DFC writer Steven Cruse calls this “one of my top restaurants five on the planet.” Le Bistro du Perigord specializes in cuisine from the Perigord region of France, known for its hearty, flavorful dishes made with ingredients such as duck, truffles, and walnuts. The menu has classic dishes such as foie gras and steak tartare. The atmosphere is as cozy as the cuisine, with its rustic decor such as wooden furnishings and exposed brick walls, along with vintage posters and black-and-white photographs. 

Le Petit Vendome

Location: Saint-Honore / Triangle d’Or
Price: $$
What to get: Pied de cochon
The rundown: Located within Le Petit Vendôme hotel, this upscale restaurant is known for its chic ambiance and fine dining experience. The dimly lit setting with plush furnishings is ideal for a romantic night out or celebrating a special occasion. Order the grilled pied de cochon (pig’s leg) for a hearty, meaty dish that’s a delicacy in French cuisine and done just right here. 

Le Relais Gascon

Location: Montmartre 
Price: $$
What to get: Bœuf bourguignon
The rundown: Locals love that Le Relais Gascon offers fine dining quality food but with a much more affordable price tag. The menu is full of classic Gascon cuisine, which is known for its hearty, rustic dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. The dishes are large, so come hungry or prepare to share. The traditional bistro feel is a perfect complement to the cuisine with its wooden furniture, tiled floors, and vintage decor. 

La Terrasse at Hôtel Raphael

Location: Champs-Elysees
Price: $$
What to get: Caviar and champagne, of course! 
The rundown: We’d be remiss not to include a dining experience that’s as good as the views. La Terrasse, located on the rooftop of the Hôtel Raphael, offers panoramic views of Paris and its iconic landmarks, making for a unique and memorable dining experience. The restaurant is like a garden in the sky with its lush hanging greenery abound. Menu offerings include fresh seafood, grilled meats, handcrafted cocktails, and an exceptional wine list. 

Les Papilles

Location: Latin Quarter
Price: $$
What to get: Set menu, so come with a versatile palate 
The rundown: When I asked a local for Michelin-star quality food at an affordable price, I was pointed to this charming bistro, and it’s remained a mainstay on my list of the best restaurants in Paris. The small restaurant looks more like a wine shop at first glance, but it’s really a little bit of everything. Tiny tables adorn the space amid a backdrop of shelves stacked with wine bottles and tins of food. In the evening, a single menu is offered, with everyone getting a soup, main course, salad, and dessert. 

La Poule Au Pot

Location: Les Halles
Price: $$
What to get: Poule au Pot 
The rundown: While there’s no shortage of traditional French restaurants in Paris, many tourists overlook them for more modern establishments. Don’t pass up La Poule Au Pot. Its elegant, Parisian bistro feel will set the scene, while the food will win you over. The restaurant has a long history, having first opened its doors in the early 20th century, and since becoming a popular dining destination with menu items that focus on classic French dishes, with ingredients like duck, poultry, and beef, as well as a variety of sauces and stews. Get the restaurant’s signature dish, Poule au Pot, a whole roasted chicken served in a pot with vegetables.

Le Bistrot Flaubert

Location: Plaine de Monceaux
Price: $$
What to get: Smoked beetroot raviolo
The rundown: This casual restaurant is now helmed by the young chef Flavio Lucarini. The menu is full of inventive cuisine that fuses Italian flavors with French bistro fare. The smoked beetroot raviolo with whey sauce and marigolds is a popular menu item locals rave about. Other notable menu items include green asparagus from Provence with Lardo di Colonnata, warm kohlrabi salad with Sansho pepper, and an egg dish with seaweed, olives, peas, and verjuice.

l’Huîtrerie Régis

Location: Saint Germain des Pres Quarter
Price: $$
What to get: At least a dozen oysters!
The rundown: Tiny, quaint, and fresh make this no-reservations raw bar a perfect place to snack on a sunny day. It’s a simple and elegant oyster, seafood, and wine bar with a delicious array of dishes, from the obvious fresh oysters and raw seafood platters to sea urchins, smoked scallops, foie gras, and charcuterie boards.

Pink Mamma

Location: Saint-Georges
Price: $$
What to get: Black truffle cream pizza
The rundown: Come for the fun atmosphere, stay for comforting bites of Italian-French fare. Pink Mamma is known for its energetic, quirky, and colorful retro decor. Along with being Instagram-worthy, the restaurant is great for enjoying approachable eats including pasta, pizza, meaty entrees, and tropical cocktails with punchy names like “Justin Beerber,” and “Mojojito.”

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