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This historic hotel might just be the perfect Parisian stay
hotel du louvre

I was lucky enough to spend a few days at The Hotel du Louvre at the beginning of my six-week stay in Paris last year. It’s one of Hyatt’s Unbound properties — a selection of higher-end independent hotels with a unique personality.

The Atmosphere and location

Despite functioning under a big-name brand, Hyatt’s influence is barely felt. In fact, I rarely recall even seeing the name anywhere within the property. It’s been operating since 1887 in its current location, and its decor celebrates that history.

grand foyer welcomes guests from its street-corner spot, just steps from the Louvre museum itself, while stunning features like the garden bar’s glass roof all complement the historic nature of the place. The staff were extremely welcoming, and the manager held a meet and greet every Wednesday with complimentary wine. He spoke to us for half an hour about the city and booked us a restaurant for that night.

Rooms and Amenities

Guestrooms are expansive, with high ceilings and wonderfully bright decor. Our room opened onto a small balcony overlooking the Palais Royal and the eclectic intersection of Rue D’Opera and Saint Honore. The well-equipped gym was a wonderful surprise, but the downstairs garden bar was the highlight.

Value for money

With rates of $500 and up, the Hotel du Louvre is costly. But if you’re visiting Paris as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, few hotels will boast the quintessential Parisian experience in the same way. It’s an outstanding hotel.

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