Biden calls out US airports.
joe biden holding microphone

In a speech at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS), President Biden lamented the declining state of US airports

“Today, not a single, solitary American airport — not one — ranks in the top 25 of the world. What the hell is the matter with us?” he asked.

The comments come just as BOS and other airports across the country are set to receive millions of dollars to improve their airports through the 2021 federal infrastructure bill.

The hope is that after a year of widespread delays and disruptions at airports across the country, the funding can alleviate overcrowding by expanding and improving baggage claims, terminals, gates, jet bridges, and more. 

Although Biden applauded LaGuardia for its recent multi-billion dollar makeover, he also echoed Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s stance that US airline rules are ‘in need of a refresh’.

Last month, amid a record-breaking amount of travel complaints this year, the US Transportation Department (DOT) put pressure on airlines to step up and even created a new Airline Customer Service Dashboard to help passengers know what airlines owe them in the event of delays and cancellations.

President Biden seemed to allude to even more regulations being put in place to protect passengers. One possible change coming soon could be rules about airlines letting families sit together for free.

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