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Hotel awards season is here.
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The folks at World Travel Awards have announced their most recent batch of honorees, with individual hotel suites taking center stage this time. While most of the suites might be out of range for most of us mere mortals, it does make for some excellent wishful-thinking-bucket-listing.

While the winners won’t be announced until October, the shortlists are spectacular. In the running for the best suite in Europe is The Royal Suite at the Lanesborough, which overlooks Buckingham Palace gardens, and casually includes a grand piano.

In Greece, Charisma’s Cave Pool in Santorini sets the standard for the whitewashed minimalism the island is famous for, while Burgenstock in Switzerland’s own Royal Suite takes the luxurious cake.

In the States, Vegas and Beverly Hills feature heavily, but the Oceanfront Suites at the Setai in Miami’s spectacular views are something else. The Mark Hotel’s central park view from its Penthouse might be the best on the list.

You can check out the entire list here.

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