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From Rome to Milan, we've scoured the country in search of the finest digs
rome loft rooftop

If your only exposure to Italian culture is Jersey Shore, it might be time to broaden your horizons.

Less boardwalk, more baroque, Italy is one of the world’s greatest travel destinations. Impossibly beautiful and boasting the world’s most envied food scene, a visit is guaranteed to be mesmerizing, regardless of the corner you find yourself in.

To help with the planning, we’ve thrown together some of the most extraordinary accommodations from Italy’s most iconic cities and towns.

Our top picks: The Best of Italy

rome loft rooftop

Roman Rooftop Terrace

Rome, Italy
$$$-$$$$ | Pics →

You won’t forget where you are in this penthouse. The sprawling property features a spectacular rooftop terrace boasting panoramic views of the Eternal City in all its glory. If you can peel yourself away from the roof, the inside is just as impressive.

The lowest price we found was $335 a night, which feels like a steal. It does rise steeply during the busier seasons, but frankly, it’s worth it.

gran hotel timeo

Gran Hotel Timeo – A Belmond Hotel

Sicily, Italy
$$$$ | Pics →

Set next to an Ancient Greek amphitheater in the Sicilian hills with Mount Etna looming in the distance…No, this isn’t the intro to a movie; it’s the Gran Hotel Timeo.

This startling beautiful property expands up and along the six-acre sloped land it was built on in the 1800s. A world-class restaurant overlooking the bay will keep you nourished, while the spa will ensure you’re always relaxed after a long day in the Sicilian sun.

milan loft

Chic Milan Loft

Milan Italy
$$$-$$$$ | Pics →

Milan is all about cool. Rivaled only in the fashion world by Paris, any stay here should be chic, practical, and the perfect base for you to get out and sample the culture.

This loft ticks every box. Coming in at an affordable $193 a night, you’ll be hard-pushed to make your money go further. A sleek jacuzzi, a high-ceilinged living room, and an elegant workstation are all at your disposal. Just make sure you dress cool enough, so you don’t look out of place.

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