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The best island getaways on the planet.
maldives resort

The word ‘getaway’ is thrown around a little too loosely these days. Laying like a human-sized sardine on a crowded beach or battling for a sunbed by the pool is no more relaxing than the everyday stress we’re trying to escape. It’s just hotter, and drinks are four times as expensive.

No, the term should be reserved for that most elusive of vacations — the island getaway. Exclusive, isolated, and only a few other like minded individuals (or none at all) to share it with. From resorts at the end of the world to Caribbean lumps of paradise, we’ve scoured the globe to find the ultimate in island isolation therapy.

Can’t promise the drinks are cheap though…sorry.

Our top picks: Island Isolation Therapy

colombian island house hotel

Colombian Island House

Cartagena, Colombia

$$$$ | Pics →

This little rocky island protruding from the sea in the Rosario Islands near Cartagena is bliss. Capable of hosting fifteen people, it serves as the perfect escape with your friends to relax, stepping away from the hustle and bustle of life.

While a stay on the private island can be catered, it’s fully equipped to take turns rustling up the grub. Boat rentals are available to enjoy the surrounding area, and it features a jacuzzi, private pool, and a protected sea pool where you can enjoy the salt water without worrying about the waves. If you’re able to get a group big enough, it’ll only cost $100 a person a night, which is pretty amazing.

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fogo island inn at night

Fogo Island Inn

Newfoundland, Canada

$$$$$ | Pics →

What getaway could be better than the edge of the world? New Foundland is rugged, barren, and isolated. It’s also utterly breathtaking. The craggy perch on which the Fogo Island Inn sits is dramatic enough, but the ultra-modern architecture of the resort itself is something else.

Despite sitting on the corner of a humblingly powerful ocean, its interior is a cozy masterpiece where you can sit, wine in hand and watch the earth rage. The hotel itself will plan a range of activities designed to help you experience its stunning natural surroundings like you’ve never done before. 

Visits are encouraged at anytime of the year, making for a different experience every time.

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Gladden Resort Belize

Gladden Resort Belize


$$$$$ | Pics →

Pirates used to punish mutiny by stranding their old shipmates on desert islands. Little did they know that just a few centuries later, we’d pay thousands for the same fate. In fairness, their islands were nothing like Gladden — the self proclaimed most private island in the world.

The two tiny islands are accessible only be a half hour helicopter ride from the mainland. With a maximum of four guests at any one time, the larger island is yours to enjoy. When needed, the few staff members will nip across from the second island to cook, clean, and see that you’re comfortable with drink in hand.

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