A drought reveals dino tracks.
dinosaur valley park dinosaurtracks

As the West continues grappling with an ongoing drought, the dried-up Paluxy River in Texas has brought an unexpected surprise to the surface: 113 million-year-old dinosaur tracks.

The dinosaur prints were most likely left behind by the Acrocanthosauras, a cousin of the T-Rex, which stood at 15 feet tall and weighed approximately seven tons. 

Stephanie Salinas Garcia, a spokesperson for the Dinosaur Valley State Park where the tracks were discovered, shared that it’s not clear how long the tracks will be visible. Once there is rain in the forecast again, the tracks in the riverbed will not be as easy to see because they will return to being filled with water and sediment. 

Severe droughts have been plaguing the US this year, but the disappearing bodies of water are revealing incredulous histories and even unsolved crimes.

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