The people choosing to never travel again.

When my soon-to-be father-in-law told me there’s no reason to travel outside of the US, I was certain that he must be the only person who didn’t share my love of travel. Welp, a recent study has found that he’s not the only one happy to stay at home. 

Global intelligence company Morning Consult conducted a survey of 16,000 adults across 15 countries and found that Asia is home to the highest percentage of people who have no interest in leisure traveling ever again.

More on the findings: 

  • A whopping 35 percent of Japanese participants never plan to travel again.

  • Other Asians countries topping the list of disinterest in travel include 15 percent of South Koreans and 14 percent of Chinese.

  • In North America, 14 percent of Americans and 11 percent of Mexicans don’t see leisure traveling in their future either. 

  • It’s worth noting that the survey didn’t differentiate between domestic and international travel intentions. 

  • The study also cited that just 23 percent of Japanese citizens hold a passport.

What makes Japan different? 

  • The survey found Japanese participants value exploring the wealth of nature, history, and culture in their home country over traveling elsewhere. Can you blame them?

  • The findings concluded “cultural preference for risk aversion,” among Japanese people, especially in terms of avoiding exposure to Covid. 

  • Travel, albeit it life-changing, induces stress and anxiety. 

  • The Japanese have high-pressure work environments, and taking time off isn’t always encouraged or easy to do. 

  • The Yen has seen a major depreciation over the past year, and travel is costly.

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