Does Google Maps pass the vibe check?
person searching maps on phone

Google is giving the phrase “vibe check” a whole new meaning. At their Search On ‘22 event, the tech giant announced that it will be releasing a bunch of new search features

One such feature is Neighborhood Vibe, a Google Maps tool that lets people suss out the vibe of the neighborhood they’re headed to. The new tool uses AI technology and sources information from Google Maps users to determine the vibe.

Google is also rolling out Local Guide reviews so users can see recommendations from people who are from the area. Another feature the company is pushing out is 3D map views in select cities. The updated map view will show users realistic 3D aerial views instead of just 2D street views.

There’s no word yet on how Google will classify vibes but I’m guessing things like speakeasies will be logged under “pretentious hipster bar” and Times Square will be marked as a “tourist trap.”

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