Google's fed up with Apple bullying Android users.
android logo next to a smartphone

Google has made its issues with Apple public after blaming its rival for the problems with texting between iPhones and android devices.

According to Google, it’s all Apple’s fault for the way they have purposely coded their products. Androids are perfectly capable of supporting the same features that an iPhone utilizes, like read receipts and reactions, yet Apple’s engineers refuse to drop the system in hopes of keeping users trapped in their ecosystem.

The infamous green bubble that appears on any iPhone when texted by an android user has long been mocked, with some even suggesting that younger users are alienated by their iPhone-wielding friends. Other issues include compressed and blurry media when sent between the two types of devices. Google is pressing Apple to switch to an RCS format of texting that would eliminate many of the problems.

It’s particularly evident in the US, where apps like Whatsapp aren’t as widely used as in the rest of the world. These apps allow both devices to interact seamlessly, but America’s Apple-heavy market means Android users are often frustrated by the communication experience.

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