Virgin Atlantic Points get even better.
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There’s a fair chance you’ve never flown Virgin Atlantic, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be incredibly useful for you. As mentioned above, the carrier’s rewards points are some of the most versatile out there! 

If you’re confused as to why someone would book another airline with Virgin Points, it’s because airlines have different systems for reward tickets. For example, a Delta flight from the US to Europe sometimes costs 150,000 points. The same flight booked with Virgin Points only costs 50,000. This is a great example of why Virgin points are so valuable.

Each of these fares can be booked on other airlines with Virgin Points: 

  • One way business class, US to Japan for 55,000 points with ANA

  • One-way from JFK to the UK for 20,000 points

  • Round-trip from LAX to Auckland, New Zealand for 80,000

  • One way Delta One (business class) JFK to LAX 

Also, if you’re a Chase Unlimited Points holder, you can grab an extra 30% when you transfer points to your Virgin Atlantic account. That deal will only last until November 12th

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