Is this hotel credit card right for you?
american express marriott bonvoy credit card

I’m taking a look at a different kind of card this week, the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant American Express. Unlike the past two weeks, the Brilliant is a hotel co-branded card, so your points can only be used at Marriott properties, but that can be hugely useful for the right person.

First off, it’s an expensive card. At $650 a year, it falls firmly on the premium end of travel cards, especially for a hotel-specific one. But its massive 150,000 point bonus goes a long way in offsetting that. It could be used for as much as a week of hotel stays depending on which country you’re looking at, or two to three days in some high-end luxury hotels in the US and Europe.

When considering the potential value, it could be a strategic move for Marriott loyalists and road warriors alike. It also comes with a few stellar perks, like a free night worth 85,000 points each year.



  • High $650 yearly fee

  • Other cards offer loyalty status

  • Suited primarily for loyal Marriott customers

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