My Centurion experience in Buenos Aires.
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I’d been anticipating baggage loss, canceled flights, and a string of other travel chaos-related problems on my way to the UK from Argentina in August. What I hadn’t anticipated was being barred from the US and having to reroute our entire flight.

Thankfully, after the initial stress, my partner and I got through customs and into Amex’s EZE Centurion Lounge in Buenos Aires. It’s a solid effort from Amex, which is dotting Centurions around the world, and was actually more spacious than some of the others I’ve visited, like Houston’s. 

The usual perks included complimentary wine, beer, and liquor, as well as a limited range of food that I ordered from my spot at a workstation. The food is even brought to you, although this may be a lingering Covid precaution to avoid buffets. The work area is excellent and even has a few Macs to hook into. There are well-maintained showers and washrooms, and plenty of sofas to hang out while you wait. We spent an hour or two working before hitting the Malbec. When in Argentina…


How I did it

Centurion lounges can only be accessed by big-ticket Amex credit card holders. I own an Amex Platinum Card, which grants me free access with a guest to any Centurion. You can stay for three hours before a flight or as long as your connection lasts. Sadly, the free guest benefit will end in 2023 unless you spend a whopping $75 thousand a year on the card. If you don’t, a guest will cost $50.

The lounge access shouldn’t be a reason in itself for grabbing an Amex Platinum. It’s an excellent perk, but its true value lies in other places. Still, the Centurion is an excellent example of how strong premium card lounges can be, and another reason I’m so glad to be armed with the Platinum.

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