The Chase Sapphire Reserve hasn't had as big a bonus as this since it was initially unveiled years ago
chase sapphire reserve

I’ve already covered the Chase Sapphire Reserve card — one of the very best travel cards around — plugging it as a slightly cheaper alternative to the Amex Platinum. But if its lower yearly fee and arsenal of brilliant benefits weren’t enough to pull you in before, its current 80,000-point intro bonus offer should do the trick.

The current bonus is the largest offered on the Reserve since it was originally introduced back in 2016. Beyond that, it’s a full 20,000 points more than its usual offer, so if you were on the fence about applying, there won’t be a better time to get maximum value from the card. Just remember, you’ll need to spend $4000 within the first three months of opening the card to grab the points.

Here are a few ways to spend that generous smattering of 80,000 Chase points:

  • 3 Economy roundtrips from LAX to Honolulu (usually $1404 for all 3)

  • Business Class One Way from JFK to Frankfurt 

  • Economy Roundtrip from MIA to Paris

  • Delta One One Way from Detroit to Seoul

As you can see, that $550 yearly fee can be easily justified for your travel expenses. Throw in highly valuable Chase points, the $300 yearly travel credit, and Priority Pass membership, and you’ve got quite the deal on your hands. It might be time to take the leap.

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