Is the American Express Platinum worth it?
Amex card

The original premium travel card. Helped along by its iconic stainless steel design, few credit cards command a level of prestige like the Amex Platinum. While there are now plenty of competitors in the sector, the Platinum is still the standard to match.

It’s been my go-to card for the past year despite the eye-watering $695 annual fee, thanks to its massive intro bonus, impressive travel credits, and extensive lounge access. I’ve got well over $2500 in direct value for the card, plus a ton more in experiential value through the Amex concierge, travel protection, and Priority pass membership. It’s not for everyone, though. So make sure you can validate the high yearly fee before jumping. 


  • Huge 100,000 point intro bonus worth at least $2500

  • Priority Pass membership

  • $200 hotel statement credit

  • $200 incidental flight costs statement credit (bags, seats etc)

  • $15 Uber Cash a month + $20 Christmas bonus + VIP status

  • $100 Saks Credit

  • $240 digital entertainment credit (disney+, Hulu)

  • TSA Precheck and Global Entry Credit

  • Even more that make this email away too long


  • Extremely high yearly fee

  • Amex isn’t accepted everywhere

  • Daily earnings aren’t huge

  • Less regular travelers will lose value quickly

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