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delta gold card

2023 is fast approaching, and it’s a good time to start planning your credit card moves for the year ahead. To give you an idea, I’m laying down some of my strategies over the next twelve months. Remember, my partner and I effectively share expenses, so I won’t necessarily open all these cards in my name. 

I’ll be trying to open the following cards in the next few months:

  • Chase Sapphire Reserve (60,000 points bonus): this will become my main daily card. I’ll use it in tandem with my girlfriend’s Venture X to ensure we’re maximizing our earnings.

  • British Airways Visa Signature Card (75,000 points bonus): I use BA a lot for getting back to Scotland from London, and that bonus alone can cover for me two years. I can also use it to beat fees on transatlantic flights. Avios can be used on Qatar and Iberia too, which I also use.

  • AAdvantage® Aviator® Red World Elite Mastercard (60,000 points bonus) – The easy bonus is too good to ignore. I’ll rarely use it, and it will get closed pretty soon.

  • I’m also considering the World of Hyatt Credit Card (60,000 point intro bonus)

I’ll be getting rid of the following:

  • American Express Platinum – It’s just getting too expensive, and the perks can be found elsewhere at a lower price point. They’d have to offer me a solid retention offer to change my mind.

  • Delta SkyMiles Gold Credit Card – While I head stateside using Delta regularly, I get a checked bag included in those flights. If I knew I was going to fly domestically more, I’d keep it, but it’s not worth it now.

I’ll be keeping open for now:

  • Hilton Surpass American Express – While I’m moving towards Hyatt now, I’ll keep this open. Having Gold status in a hotel brand is helpful, and while it’s not as powerful as my current Diamond status, it could still come in handy.

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