This might be the perfect credit card for anyone new to credit card points.
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If you’ve been reading Smart Points for the past few weeks but are still feeling a little nervous about the prospect of diving into credit card points, the Bank of America Travel Rewards Card could be the perfect next step for you.

With no annual fee, this card won’t set you back if you’re spending conscientiously, and the first 25,000 point bonus is super attainable, with BOA only requiring $1000 spent over a three-month period. While the rewards are redeemed in the form of a credit statement, that’s still enough to cover a smartly booked flight in the US…and hopefully to spark your interest into delving deeper into the world of points and miles.



  • No yearly fee

  • Easily attainable 25,000 point intro bonus

  • Simple to use rewards points

  • 1.5 points per dollar on all purchases everywhere

  • Still has auto renters insurance and roadside assistance

  • No international fees

  • Perfect beginner card


  • No big ticket perks

  • Points are non-transferable

  • Seasoned users could get more use elsewhere 

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