The airline is finally offering an alternative to its sky-high surcharges
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This is huge news for me personally, and can be for you too. British Airways is notorious for its high fees and surcharges, especially when flying into the UK. It’s not uncommon for the charges to skyrocket into the thousands if you fly business.

But BA has announced an amazing new workaround – Reward Flight Saver rates. Using this payment option, customers can choose to pay more miles at a fixed fee rate, far lower than the fluctuating typical ones. This does mean you’ll lose a significant amount of points compared to the other option, but you’ll keep more cash in your pocket.

I’m delighted at the news, as my specific goals are flying cheap and regularly as opposed to luxury tickets and the like, but it’s important for you to assess which is best for you. It’s still possible to choose the traditional method and hold onto more points for a later date. 

The bottom line:

If you can work your way through credit card bonuses as I do, it’s great news. If you’re a frugal points user, it’s best to look at other ways to circumvent the fees, like using Cathay Pacific or Iberia to help lessen the costs.

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