Amex's giant intro bonus offer.
american express amex card on desk

American Express’ two flagship credit cards are already well-known for their huge intro bonuses. The offers are particularly lucrative as Amex points are some of the most adaptable reward currencies available.

Currently, however, those applying for both the Gold and Platinum cards are seeing monumental bonus increases. Those applying for the Platinum are seeing intro bonuses as high as 150,000 points, with others being offered 125,000. Gold applicants, on the other hand, are seeing 90,000 point bonuses. Personally, the two highest offers on both cards appeared on my browser.

That 150,000 point offer is worth as much as $3000. Back when I first received my Platinum, the usual 100,000 point offer flew my partner and me from Tblisi, Georgia to LAX, paid for a night in a hotel, then a free night at another using a statement credit, saving us over $2000. I was happy then, but realize now that I severely under utilized the points.

Here’s what the maximum 150k offer could grab you:

  • A first class suite with a bed one way from JFK to Singapore

  • A round-trip first class flight from the US to Japan with 40k points to spare

  • Three round-trip economy seats from the US to Europe

With patience and flexibility, those points can pay for an astonishing amount of travel, especially if you’re cool flying economy. To earn the bonus, of course, you’ll need to spend $6000 and $4000 in six months for the Platinum and Gold, respectively. And there’s no need to fret about the big yearly fees if you know you can use those points effectively.

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