Another one (or 36 in this case) bites the dust! The pandemic continues to disrupt airline schedules in the US, and smaller airports are vulnerable to closures, leaving many small communities without close access to their favorite destinations. 

United Airlines recently ended service to 36 airports, including Pueblo, Colorado, two hours south of Denver, which will be closed on January 14, 2023. 

United has mainly cut airports due to a lack of pilots and regional aircraft parked at airports. In many airports, single-class, 50-seater regional jets are increasingly being withdrawn, as their economics are inferior to those of multi-class, larger regional jets. 

Some of the 36 airports include:

  • Arizona: Flagstaff (FLG)

  • California: Santa Rosa (STS), Stockton (SCK)

  • Florida: Destin-Fort Walton Beach (VPS), Tallahassee (TLH)

  • Hawaii: Hilo (ITO)

  • Michigan: Kalamazoo (AZO), Lansing (LAN), Muskegon (MKG)

  • New York: Ogdensburg (OGS), Plattsburgh (PBG)

  • Texas: Abilene (ABI), College Station (CLL), Killeen (GRK), San Angelo (SJT)

Other US airport cuts affected can be found here.