The 9 Best Villas in Bali

Privacy is paramount in these stunning homestays
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We love hotels. We love them so much we even have a newsletter dedicated to them. But sometimes, hotels aren’t the best option, and that’s never more true than in Bali.

The paradisaical Indonesian island is spectacular, and its journey to the top of world tourism means it’s packed with world-class resorts and boutique hotels. While these can be an experience in themselves, there is an alternative: villas.

The cost of living in Bali means expansive homes are often more affordable than compact hotel rooms, but while sheer value is most definitely a trump card, there are countless benefits of choosing a private villa homestay. A private space, your own pool, simple booking processes for large groups, and some astonishingly cool designs can all help make your trip unforgettable.

To take some stress out of the search, we’ve listed some of the best villas in Bali, from high-value retreats to extravagant jungle treehouses.

The Price: $432

The Feel: Zenned out family retreat

Sleeps: 8 people

The Rundown: Villa Seriska Due Sanur is the perfect place to base yourself for a relaxing vacation in Bali. Set in the quiet region of Sanur, the elegant villa can sleep eight people, and even has enough sun beds for every one of them around the pool.

The interior is impeccably designed: cozy by night but open and bright during the day. The garden tracing the home is a sanctuary, made even better by access to in-home spa treatments and an optional private chef. Naturally, you’ll have a complimentary floating breakfast each morning. 

The Price: $566

The Feel: Traditional Bali meets 5-star service

Sleeps: up to 12

The Rundown: Perfectly located in Bali’s spiritual center, Ubud, Villa Sagitta is an astonishingly beautiful property. Built using traditional Javanese methods, the 200-year-old villa is made entirely of wood and constructed without the use of nails. Stunning ceiling carvings complete an all-encompassing Balinese experience.

The villa looks out over an indigenous forest, has a thousand-year-old temple nearby, and has six full-time staff catering to your every need. Breakfast is complimentary every day, while lunch and dinner are prepared on request from an a la carte menu. There are multiple opportunities for on-site experiences, and a seven-seater car is provided with a driver to take you anywhere on the island.

The Price: $132

The feel: The bare necessities at their best

Sleeps: 2 people

The Rundown: No hotel gifts a couple’s getaway this much space for this price. The delightfully bright living space can open fully into the courtyard pool, blurring the indoor-outdoor lines. The well-equipped kitchenette means you can save some extra cash by eating in, and you can throw in a floating breakfast for $4 each morning.

There’s even one of those flower-filled bathtubs screaming out to your Instagram feed. There’s nothing to complain about here at all.

The Price: $144

The feel: Private simplistic elegance

Sleeps: 2 people

The Rundown: Mayaloka has done a lot with a little. The two-person villas are a joy, championing open-plan living and simple well-picked design touches to create a welcoming and elegant retreat for travelers. The private pool is perfect and its location near Seminyak puts you in the middle of the action. Breakfast is even included in the price.

If you’re celebrating a special occasion, they have a range of special upgrades that include tour packages, dining options, and other wonderful amenities.

The Price: $100

The feel: Stripped down budget-Bali at its best

Sleeps: 2 people

The Rundown: How do you know you’re in Bali? You wake up to the sounds of nature in a bamboo house and roll out of bed into your private flower-filled pool, before wandering out into the rice paddy village the home is nestled in.

Perfect serenity. Simple luxury. An unforgettable experience. All for $100.

The Price: $488

The Feel: Tarzan studied architecture and really wanted to impress Jane

Sleeps: 6 people

The rundown: What’s more Bali than a sprawling treehouse villa exploding from the rainforest? Nothing is the answer and Ananda House is one of the best available. The towering three-floored architectural gem is splendid to look at and breathtaking to look out from.

Prices start around $484, but it’s a three-bedroom property more than capable of hosting six people. You simply can’t get a stay this size, with this location, with this amount of character anywhere else. Unforgettable.

The Price: $350

The Feel: Playful private cabin with jungle views

Sleeps: 2 people

The Rundown: Two words: water slide.

As if that wasn’t enough to sell you, The Moon’s bamboo-laden interior will. The organic shape feels like part of the forest the cabin is located in, while its simple furnishings help make it a minimalist stay of the highest order. And while the lounging net on the outside deck is brilliant, the private pool is the obvious highlight.

The Price: $820

The Feel: High-end hotel for anti-hotel travelers

Sleeps: Six People

The Rundown: Nestled on the mesmerizing Uluwatu cliffs, Anantara is the perfect cross between private villa and resort trappings. Its three-bedroom villas are sprawling, facing out onto its chic private pool, making the perfect base for your group.

As it’s part of a resort, an excellent array of restaurants are steps away, the spa is waiting for you, and there’s even a complimentary photographer ready to capture your time there. On-site activities include yoga classes, Balinese dance lessons, and ceramic workshops so you’ll never be bored. Of course, if you want to keep to yourself, your villa is more than worthy of your reclusive tendencies.

The Price: $666

The Feel: Lavish isolation

Sleeps: 8 people

The Rundown: Look at the scale of this place. Large enough to be a hotel in its own right, Dragon House is a vast property hidden amongst the rice fields surrounding Ubud. The master bedroom alone has 538 square feet of space, a theme replicated throughout the home, so it’s not hard to find some peace even with eight people.

The outside pool deck is a spectacle, while the design touches inside are modern and bright but rooted in its Bali location. It’s owned by an unnamed producer, who uses the space as a retreat to find inspiration with his musicians. 

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