The 12 best hotels in Mexico City

The Mexican capital is a hive of amazing value stays
la valise hotel

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Mexico City is spectacular. Those in the know have long been aware of this, but a surge in popularity means the Mexican capital is finally getting some well-deserved time in the limelight.

While this eclectic city’s sights, sounds, and flavors might be what lingers long beyond your visit, we all know the foundation of any trip is a brilliant hotel. Thankfully, CDMX is stacked with stellar accommodations, from glitzy, high-end hotels to chic boutique homestays, all vying for your attention.

To help, here are 12 of the best hotels in Mexico City.

For the history buff

It’s not always enough for some to explore the history of a city during the day – they need to stay somewhere that’s grown with it, part of its past, present, and future. These three hotels tick all boxes, ensuring you’ll never forget you’re in CDMX.

The Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico is a historic landmark and probably the most famous hotel in the capital. While there has been a building in the spot since the 16th century, the current building dates from the 1890s when it became the city’s first department store.

The inner atrium features a mesmerizing Tiffany stain glass window and old-fashioned elevators, while its rooftop terrace bar looks out onto the zocalo, or central Square, of CDMX. Even if you don’t stay here, it’s worth a visit.

Rooms start at a fair $143 a night.

Hotel Gillow is the oldest operating hotel in the city. Originally opened in 1875, it was part of the next-door Jesuit church and converted into a hotel after the reformation saw the religious denomination expelled from the country.

Nowadays, it’s a modern but straightforward hotel within easy striking distance of all the big-ticket tourist attractions in Centro.

Rooms come in under $100, making it an excellent budget option on top of its historical significance.

Historic character and chic modernity fuse in this converted 19th-century residential building. It’s home to 25 impeccably designed rooms featuring hand-crafted carpentry and Mexican-sourced textiles. The star of the show is the wondrous rooftop terrace, where the domed extravagance of the Catedral Metropolitan is in full view from the pool and restaurant.

Depending on the date, you can grab a room at the five-star Circulo for just over $200 – a steal considering its caliber. 

For the brand loyalist

Mexico City can be overwhelming at times. After a long day of exploration, you might want to decompress a little, maybe retreat into some familiarity. Thankfully, the big names you know and love are in top form here.

Here are a few familiar names’ best hotels in the city.

Hilton came out swinging with its headline hotel in Mexico City. The expansive Reforma neighborhood hotel climbs 24 floors, crowned with one of the best rooftop pool terraces in the city. Sunsets over the skyline are exceptional any time of the year, while the sleek indoor pool, fantastically equipped gym, and restaurants round out a typically strong Hilton effort.

Its perfect location between the historic district and the trendy areas of Roma Norte and Condesa places guests in the optimal position to enjoy the best the city has to offer. With rooms going for $120, it’s another relative bargain.

Marriott’s St. Regis range is almost always top-of-the-line, and the Mexico City location is no different. The impressive building is one of several eye-catching architectural statements found on the Paseo de la Reforma, and its interior is equally impressive.

Three of the city’s best restaurants grace the hotel, while an eye-catching upper-floor pool gazes out onto the CDMX skyline. Its guestrooms are more than generous, and the service is exemplary. Of course, this luxury comes with a price. Rooms hover around $700 a night. It’s one for the big spenders.

Keep an eye out for the hotel’s helicopter landing on the rooftop helipad.

Hyatt’s big brand names are typically great. But it’s the range of under-the-radar smaller hotels that set the brand apart. If you booked one via a third party, you could go the whole stay without realizing you were in a Hyatt property.

The Hotel Downtown in CDMX is one of those outstanding little stays. Set in a 17th-century Palacio, the Centro-based hotel houses a delightful rooftop pool and endless pieces of historical architectural features to make your stay unique while having a big-name trust behind it. 

Rooms start at around $215.

For the believer in boutique

Boutique is very much in vogue, and with good reason. With independence in such high demand, hoteliers are throwing every ounce of their creativity into their properties, resulting in some of the most unique experiences for travelers. Mexico City’s Roma Norte is a boutique hotel powerhouse, so shop around – but here are three to get you started.

Roma Norte is CDMX’s trendiest neighborhood, where once run-down townhouses have had new life breathed into them, and cafes, restaurants, boutique shops, and hotels fill every last space.

Casa Goliana is one of the townhomes mentioned above, transformed into an eight-room refuge where guests are guaranteed to feel at home. Its strikingly bright exterior opens into a homely but spacious property where high-ceilinged rooms look out onto the leafy streets of Roma. Perfection.

Rooms start at $187.

Another stunning townhouse renovation, this time located in Condesa, Roma Norte’s equally cool neighbor. With only four rooms, a stay at Casa 9 is an exceptionally intimate stay. The B&B offers a private terrace, expansive common spaces and is renowned for the hospitality of its management team. 

Its location places guests just a short walk from the Angel of Independence statue and one of the most idyllic parks in the city.

Rooms start at $273.

You’d never even know La Valise was there, but its unmarked doors hide one of the city’s most startlingly beautiful stays. Yet another French-styled townhouse, La Valise has placed aesthetic pleasure at the heart of its three-bedroom hotel. Mexican antiques, thoughtful artwork, and gorgeous designer touches gift the house a character it’s hard not to fall in love with.

Plus, they seem to love putting beds outside, which seems cool…if a little impractical.

If you’re flexible, you can grab a room for $350. Otherwise, you’re looking at $400 and up.

For the frugal frolicker

It’s not always financially sensible to travel. But all know we still do it anyway. CDMX already represents some excellent value for money, but if you need to go super budget-friendly, here are some cheaper options that still offer a great stay. No hostels allowed.

Next Stop writer Steven can vouch for this budget stay. This former sprawling Palacio has been transformed into a sixteen-room hotel. It’s by no means luxurious, but every room is fully equipped, clean, and comfortable. It’s perfect for backpackers who have grown tired of hostel life but can’t quite make the jump to a more expensive hotel.

It’s in the heart of the city, just blocks from the Angel of Independence, and features a leafy roof terrace that opens out from a communal kitchen. For $38 bucks a night, you really can’t complain about a thing.

$84 a night gets travelers a stripped-down version of the fancier townhouses shown earlier in the article. Rooms are still beautifully bright and airy, it retains many of its original features and even throws in a complimentary breakfast for good measure.

While you won’t be in the hip climes of Roma Norte, it’s still an excellent area for exploration. A similar stay in a high-demand area would jump significantly.

Hotel Castropol thrives in its simplicity. Wonderfully located near the Zocalo, with rooms running at $37 a night, this is the perfect example of a budget hotel done well. You won’t find any luxury frills here, but you’ll have a large comfortable room cleaned daily secure front doors, and helpful staff. That’s all an urban adventurer needs, right?

A glance through the reviews finds plenty of repeat visitors who rave about the value of the Hotel Castropol.

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