How remote work will impact your holiday travel plans.
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Holiday weekends have always been the most expensive (and stressful) times to fly. Experienced travelers typically know which days will be most expensive and which days to avoid flying, but an increase in remote and hybrid workforces is changing long-standing holiday travel patterns

Travelers who have a remote work lifestyle are no longer beholden to company-mandated days off and can take longer trips and work during the day from any destination. 

However, the increased flexibility has caused peak travel days to become more spread out. Now, instead of the peak travel days being one or two days around Thanksgiving, for example, the peak travel days are more than a few days.

Airlines, like United, are thrilled about the increased work flexibility, which makes sense, given that more work flexibility means that more people are traveling more often.

A few key dates to keep in mind this holiday season:

  • The busiest day to travel for Thanksgiving has long been the Wednesday before. But this year, it’s Friday, November 18th, as people are opting for week-long Thanksgiving trips.

  • Saturday, December 17th, and Thursday, December 22nd will be the two busiest travel days surrounding Christmas. Consider departing on December 19th or 20th to save as much as 20%.

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