Set-jetting: The latest travel trend.

To be upfront, there is nothing more thrilling to me than when I’m watching a show or movie and I recognize the location and have previously been there. I feel nostalgic about the Princess Diaries whenever I’m in San Francisco and sometimes I turn on Pitch Perfect 2 just so I can see shots of southern Spain, where I studied abroad. 

It turns out there is a word for visiting filming locations of movies and TV shows. It’s called “set-jetting” and it’s all the rage for 2023. According to both Expedia and Planet Cruise, set-jetting is expected to be one of the hottest travel trends this year. According to Expedia, 39% of travelers have booked trips to destinations based on movies or shows they’ve watched. 

TikTok data is also being used to predict which movies are driving visitors to their locations. After behind-the-scenes images of the upcoming Barbie movie were released, Venice Beach became the number one most hashtagged location and is predicted to be a top set-jetting location.

It’s no secret that media has revolutionized the travel industry. Shows like Emily in Paris made the already popular travel pick of France skyrocket with bookings. Game of Thrones made Dubrovnik a travel staple. And now, the same effect is happening with White Lotus, where travelers can stay at the same hotel seen on the show. 

Something about this type of travel awakens our wanderlust and puts the stars in our eyes. Get inspiration for your own set-jetting experience with locations like these.

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