United bets $29 billion on international travel.
united airlines plane in sky

With travel demand nearly back to 2019 levels, United is looking toward a bright future in the skies by placing the largest order for wide-body jets by a U.S. carrier. On Tuesday, the Chicago-based airline announced the $29 billion dollar deal with Boeing. 

What’s included

  • The tall order includes 100 Boeing 787 Dreamliners, with the option to purchase an additional 100 new jets that will fly its routes.

  • The first 100 aircrafts will replace the 54 aging Boeing 767s, as well as some older Boeing 777s, by 2030. The entire order is due by 2032.

Why it matters

The news is a pivotal development in United’s goal to become the world’s leading global airline, and the flag carrier of the U.S., which, according to United CEO Scott Kirby, the airline has already achieved following the pandemic. 

United strategically chose Boeing because it already operates 64 787s, which can fly further and carry more passengers while being more fuel efficient than its predecessors.

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