No more liquid limits at airport security?

Travelers going through UK airports will soon no longer have to limit their liquids to 100 ml, and no one might be more excited than me – who was reprimanded at Heathrow Airport for packing one too many travel hair products.

Airports in the United Kingdom are considering getting rid of liquid restrictions and the requirement to remove laptops from luggage by 2024. Instead of scrapping the rules, airports will instead transition to high-tech sensors, similar to 3D CT scanners, that provide a better and clearer picture of what we’re packing. 

Heathrow Airport has been using these 3D scanners on a trial basis, according to airport CEO John Holland-Kaye, and it’s believed that they will help cut down on security wait times, which became a massive pain for travelers over the summer.

Currently, carry-on bags are allowed to contain liquids no larger than 100 milliliters, or roughly 3.381 fluid ounces.

The US could closely follow behind with this rule. In March of this year, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced that it will spend over $780 million on CT scanners, allowing people to leave laptops, liquids, and other devices in a carry-on bag.

An official announcement on this new rule is expected by Christmas.

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