Musk's Twitter 2.0 cultural reset isn't for everyone
elon musk

Elon Musk sparked a fresh round of walkouts after dictating an ultimatum via email to Twitter’s remaining employees.

According to sources in the company, Musk issued an email on Tuesday requiring employees to agree to stay on for the “hardcore cultural reset” by 5 PM Thursday or accept it as their final day with the company.

Thanks for the cash. K, bye. 

In the email sent at midnight, Musk included a severance package option for those who chose to leave. Hundreds of the remaining workers bid their farewells, many in the form of a solitary emoji. According to an in-office poll app, of those who chose to stay, only 7% were fully on-board with the new culture of “Twitter 2.0”, with many stating they were staying reluctantly.

Folowing the deadline’s passing and subsequent mass resignation, Twitter has locked staff out of offices until next week.

Is this the end for Twitter?

A larger problem facing the company is the types of employees being lost. Many tweets about the situation suggest that some of the most talented back and front-end employees are among those jumping ship, leaving the company’s critical systems functioning on what is basically a skeleton crew. 

The situation has led many from within the company to speculate that it might be the end and the app could crash in the near future. Despite “RIP Twitter” now trending, Musk, in his typically outspoken self, remains optimistic and convinced that those who remain are the best and the only ones he wants there. 

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