The new Law on Tobacco Control was initially approved in December 2021, but is just now going into effect.
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As many Americans can attest, neighboring Mexico is one of the best destinations for a quick culture shock filled with often idyllic weather, drool-worthy food and drink, and an infectious arts and music scene. And while your money goes a long way, and inhibitions run wild, there’s one thing you can no longer enjoy so freely: smoking. 

Having gone into effect January 15, 2023, the Mexican government has prohibited national or foreign citizens from smoking in public spaces, such as beaches, resorts, amusement parks, shopping malls, patios, balconies, and more. 

Restaurants, bars, hotels, and entertainment centers may keep their smoking-only areas, but such establishments are prohibited from offering any services in those areas. In places intended for lodging, the new reform restricts any tobacco or nicotine products from being consumed in guest rooms and areas with access to the general public or shared use. Shops are also prohibited from displaying tobacco advertising and sponsorships in their displays.  

The new Law on Tobacco Control was initially approved in December 2021, and is an expansion of a 2008 law that prohibited smoking in public indoor spaces, including bars and restaurants. 

Those caught smoking could face fines of up to $300. Failed compliance could land you in jail for up to 36 hours. The law is one of the toughest smoking bans in the world. 

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