Better safe than sorry and better to have an AirTag than luggage lost forever.

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2022 was the year of travel revenge, crowded terminals, and, sadly, lots of lost luggage.

We all remember the shocking videos that became all too common. Seas of luggage overtook baggage terminals and waiting areas as airports and airlines struggled to keep up with the volume of post-pandemic travelers.

Enter the unexpected hero: the Apple AirTag. 

After airlines and airports dropped the bag (get it?) in a major way, travelers took matters into their own hands. When it took days or weeks to even get an update or a location of their belongings, people used Apple AirTags to track their luggage all over the world. An AirTag even led authorities to over $16k worth of lost luggage in Florida. 

Be ready for your next potential travel disaster with a single AirTag or a 4-pack

The added bonus of the Apple AirTag is that it comes with a lot of accessories that help you track everything from bags to wallets. Here are a few to consider:

  • A keyring perfect for your car and house keys
  • This leather loop works well for purses and luggage
  • A slim card case that slips perfectly into a wallet slot
  • Or go for this wallet that comes with a built-in spot for an AirTag
  • Keep track of your most important document while traveling with this passport cover that has a dedicated spot for an AirTag
  • Consider getting a stick-on silicone shell that’s great for hiding somewhere on your bike or in your car on camping or long road trips
  • There’s even a dog and cat collar shell so you can keep track of your lil’ companion

So, on your next adventure, it wouldn’t hurt to pack an AirTag with your belongings. Hopefully, you won’t need it most of the time, but you’ll surely be happy you have one lest you find yourself in a situation like the Southwest chaos at the end of 2022.

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