Be careful where you wear that bikini.
aerial view of an italian beach with sunchairs and people in the water

Just last month we shared the news that Italy is enacting an alternate license plate system on the Amalfi Coast. Now, they have added more beach rules to mitigate overtourism and protect their shoreline destinations.

Starting in Sorrento, visitors could now be fined up to 500 euros for wearing bikinis, swimsuits, and swimming trunks outside of beach or pool areas. The mayor and citizens of the beachfront town disapprove of visitors treating their home like one big beach and are uncomfortable with people wearing revealing swimwear out on the streets.

Other towns like Cinque Terre also have similar rules regarding footwear. Travelers face fines of over €2,500 for wearing flip-flops and sandals on the town’s famous coastal hiking paths.

Over in Sardinia, authorities are limiting the number of visitors at beaches — capping access at 1,500 people per day — and banning towels so they can reduce the amount of sand they are losing. Now, visitors will have to pay entry fees and wear ID bracelets while enjoying the surf. On the sand, they’ll be required to rent sun loungers instead of laying out on towels.

So, if you’re planning that Italian summer, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Pack a few extra euros for the extra fees and a change of clothes for meandering those charming cobblestone streets.

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