Can you guess which of the world's greatest places the magazine refers to as “quieter barrier reef"?
bird's eye view of Barcelona, one of the world's greatest places

It’s really funny how travel works. You trot the globe in search of culture, amazement, and in the name of leisure, and with each adventure, your travel-induced adrenaline ignites this overwhelming sentiment that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. But somehow, the moment you return from your trip,opening the door to your humble abode,nothing feels more right than being home.  

That “honey, I’m home” feeling is only temporary, however, and soon you’re left wondering: where to next? TIME Magazine is giving us travel junkies the inspo we drool over, releasing its 2023 collection of the 50 greatest places around the world. The collection of locations is a thoughtful conglomeration of both popular and off-the-beaten-path destinations alike, with an overall emphasis on places rich with unique experiences.

The list has a lot of places I’ve yet to visit, with a majority being ones I haven’t even considered, like Roatán, Honduras, which TIME calls a “quieter barrier reef,” Sylt, Germany

“a chic beach hideout,” and Freetown Peninsula, Sierra Leone, referred to as “Africa’s new coastal hub.” These catchy, short descriptions are enough to entice me. All I needed to read was that Pantanal, Brazil is “South America’s safari spot” and I’m sold. 

My favorites on the list, and travel deals to get there

  • Barcelona, Spain: When I first visited Barcelona, I left saying “I’m moving here.” It’s a bustling coastal city with Old World charm and modern flair alike. You can find roundtrip airfare for as low as $450 from the U.S. to Barcelona right now. 
  • Willamette Valley, Oregon: TIME calls this destination “the next Napa.” As someone who may or may not have consumed every drop of wine while there, I can attest that this place is indeed a must-visit. You can find roundtrip, nonstop flights for around $250 from the east coast.
  • Naples, Italy: If you don’t touchdown and run to the nearest pizzeria in Naples, you’re missing out. Plus, there’s a quick ferry to Positano, Capri, and other coastal retreats that look like they fell out of a storybook. Visit during shoulder season, like September, when the weather is warm but the crowds have thinned. Tickets are as low as $600 then.  

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