TikTok goes toe-to-toe with Amazon.
tiktok on iphone screen

Apparently stealing the spotlight from Instagram just hasn’t been enough. Now, social media giant TikTok has set its sights on Amazon, planning to open its own product fulfillment centers in the US. 

The news comes as the company opened up more than a dozen Seattle-based jobs on LinkedIn, including a logistics solution manager and fulfillment managers. 

The new roles indicate that TikTok is committing to e-commerce as its next major revenue stream, one that could even directly challenge Amazon. It seems that one place that Amazon will retain a leg up, for now at least, is that it has its own delivery service while TikTok’s job postings indicate that it will be working with existing shipping and transportation vendors. 

The short-form video content app exploded in popularity over the past few years so it’s no wonder they are looking to monetize and streamline the e-commerce experience for users. It’s been a long time coming as TikTok has been testing shopping features with Shopify and exploring live shopping experiences reminiscent of QVC (feel old yet?).

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