TikTok is cracking down on politicians.
woman looking at tiktok app on phone

Short-from video app TikTok is banning political fundraising on its platform. 

“By prohibiting campaign fundraising and limiting access to our monetization features and verifying accounts, we’re aiming to strike a balance between enabling people to discuss the issues that are relevant to their lives while also protecting the creative, entertaining platform that our community wants,” explained Blake Chandlee, the President of global business solutions at Tiktok.

The changes include turning off all advertising and monetization features for politicians and political parties on the app. TikTok will also prohibit politicians and parties from directing users to make campaign donations. Any politicians on the platform will also need to be verified by the app.

It’s no coincidence that these changes are coming just weeks ahead of the upcoming November midterm elections. According to TikTok, its broader goal is to protect the integrity of elections and stop the spread of election misinformation.

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