The 2023 hotel trends, revealed.

There’s no denying it: I’m a hotel junkie. I love a decadent lobby. I love a rowdy rooftop restaurant. I love diving into the cloud-like bedding in the room and pressing a button to lower the shades. So I’m always intrigued to see what’s next in the hotel world. With 2023 here, it’s time to see what the year has in store for hotel trends

Hotels will offer curated packages and add-ons 

People will continue to prioritize travel as part of their 2023 budgets. But with rising costs, they’ll look for ways to save. In response, hotels will expand their all-inclusive packages, as well as offer more basic rates and upsell add-ons to prioritize guests’ desires to curate their own stay. 

Sustainable travel will be a top priority’s Sustainable Travel Report for 2022 revealed 81 percent of global travelers confirm that sustainable travel is important to them. As we head into 2023, hotels will continue to take note, with a boost in sustainable travel practices — environmentally, socially, and economically. 

Increased automation will streamlined guest services 

An answer to labor shortages in conjunction with high travel demand, hotels will find new ways to make guests feel taken care of. That means leveraging technology to automate administrative processes and improve the overall guest experience. 

Revamped meeting venues and restaurants

With remote and hybrid working models taking over the workforce, hotels will need to answer the growing demand of companies creating team building and social events. Formal business travel has transitioned to a more laid-back approach, and so hotels will revamp their meeting venues and restaurants with trendier settings.

Hotel amenities will be in the forefront
The terms “bleisure,” “greisure,” and “gribt” will shape the hotel industry in 2023. You’ll see business and leisure fuse, especially group business travel, or “greisure,” coming back stronger than ever, and “gribt,” referring to group bookings, on-trend as well. Hotels will answer to the increase in people traveling for work but bringing family members or staying extra days for personal leisure, to highlight their leisure-based facilities, including spas, pools, gyms, and restaurants.

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