Southwest’s big plans for 2023.
southwest airplane in sky

During a media presentation last week at its Dallas headquarters, Southwest announced plans for improved travel experiences for the coming year and passengers can expect plenty of improvements.

Among the improvements are changes to family boarding, solving the frustration that comes with the airline’s long-standing policy of no assigned seating that often ends up splitting families apart when seats together become unavailable throughout the boarding process.

With 60 boarding spots within the A group, seating as a family can be challenging. Therefore, in the coming weeks, the airline plans to test a revamped family boarding program, allowing two adults and children under the age of six to board first. As a trade-off, families will need to sit at the back of the plane to skip the boarding queue.

Southwest may expand this change based on the outcome of the trial.

Here’s the scoop on other major updates: 

  • Restoring most pre-pandemic routes and frequencies by the third quarter.

  • Boeing 737s will be upgraded with better Wi-Fi access, still at $8 a day.

  • Power outlets at each seat address a pain point of long-haul flights.

  • New, larger overhead bins that can hold six standard-size suitcases.

  • A new terminal expected to open in Kansas City around February or March 2023.

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