The cruiser has spent over twenty years sailing for as much as fifty weeks a year.
royal caribbean cruise ship at port

A super-cruiser has become the first person to reach Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor Society’s 10,000-point club after joining almost nine hundred sailings.

Mario ‘Super Mario’ Salcedo was welcomed into the one-member club by a host of the cruise line’s leader with a party in his honor. The remarkable achievement is unlikely to be matched by anyone else.

To reach the figure, Mario has spent over twenty years sailing on Royal Caribbean routes for as much as fifty weeks a year, only spending a few days on shore every few weeks. The 70-year-old lives and works on the ships as an investment banker.

Compared to other “avid” cruisers, making it to the generally accepted top tier only takes 700 points. To make that figure, a customer would need to take over 100 seven-day cruises. Mario now receives free cruises every 350 points, thanks to his status.

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