You can now link your Lyft account to not one but two airlines.
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I have no allegiance to one rideshare platform over the other, except that I spend an incessant amount of time price-comparing the second my airplane lands at LAX, and lately Uber has had the most reasonable fares. But when I learned that Lyft has partnered with two of my favorite airlines, my ears perked up.

You can now link your Lyft account to not one but two airlines: Alaska Airlines and Delta. While Lyft’s partnership with Delta has been around for a few years now, it only formed an alliance with Alaska last month.

What’s the catch?

As is so often the rules of life, you can’t have it all. In the case of this partnership, you can only link your Lyft account to one of your airline frequent flyer accounts: either Delta or Alaska. But there’s really no pressure here. If you want to swap which account you link to, you can at any time.

It really is as easy as booking a Lyft ride

Just go to or and follow the prompts to link your accounts. Once you’re all set up, you can use the Lyft app as usual. If you chose Alaska Airlines, expect to earn one mile per dollar in the United States and Canada (before fees, taxes, tolls, and tips). If you opted for Delta, you’ll earn one mile per dollar spent on rides within the U.S. and two miles per dollar on rides to or from an airport in the U.S. (minus fees, taxes, tolls, and tips).

As an added bonus, Chase Sapphire cardholders earn even more points and perks with Lyft.

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