The US could soon have its first Lyme disease vaccine in 2 decades.
close up of a tick in the palm of someone's hand

The US could soon have its first Lyme disease vaccine in 2 decades, as Pfizer is starting a late-stage clinical trial for a vaccine to protect against the tick-borne disease.

Currently, there is no vaccine available to prevent Lyme disease for humans (there is one available for dogs). The only Lyme disease vaccine available in the US was discontinued in 2002 due to insufficient consumer demand. According to the CDC, nearly half a million people may get Lyme Disease each year in the United States.

Pfizer hopes to enroll 6,000 participants in the US, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, and Sweden. They’ll receive 3 shots over 5-9 months, followed by a booster dose a year later.

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