The UK is changing its liquids and electronics rules.
TSA security check

Few things are as annoying while traveling as those pesky liquids rules. The rules were, understandably, put into place after terrorist concerns and liquid explosives threatened air travel. 

Now, a few countries are changing their tune. The UK has announced plans to get rid of its liquids and laptop rules at airport security by June 2024 thanks to new X-ray technology. 

Currently, people traveling through the UK are limited to 100ml liquid containers and have to take out their large electronic devices to pass them through security. Now, travelers can bring liquids in containers up to two-liter containers and will no longer have to take out electronics like tablets and laptops. 

The UK isn’t the only place changing its restrictions. The Palma de Mallorca airport is also making moves to end its liquids and electronics rules. 

Though it’s not clear if this is a larger trend and if other countries will follow suit, it is a promising sign that new technology could make going through TSA both safer and quicker. The real question is when will there be new technology that makes it so we don’t have to take our shoes off on those dirty airport floors?

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