A mysterious death in North Carolina
Raleigh Durham Airport Sign

Authorities are currently investigating the strange death of a North Carolinian co-pilot who fell from his plane mid-flight. 

According to sources, the small twin-engine aircraft crash landed on the grass at Raleigh-Durham airport with only one person in the cockpit despite leaving with two. The body of the co-pilot, identified as Charles Hew Crooks, was discovered in the back yard of a private home in Fuquay-Varina, thirty miles from the airport. 

At this point, there is no indication as to whether Crooks, an experienced pilot and flight instructor, jumped or fell from the plane. It is estimated that he fell around 3,500 feet to his death. No mention was made to air traffic control about the co-pilot’s exit from the plane as the plane came in for its crash landing, while reports have remained vague as to the pilot’s exact statements to authorities.

The pilot was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. No parachute or jump equipment of any kind was found near the body.

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