Musk’s Twitter saga continues.
Elon musk

Tesla and SpaceX owner Elon Musk’s ongoing battle with Twitter continued this week when the billionaire subpoenaed the social media platform’s founder and former head, Jack Dorsey.

Twitter is attempting to sue Musk after he pulled out of an attempted takeover in July, claiming he is refusing to fulfill his obligations. The company hopes a judge will rule in their favor and force him to complete the deal. Dorsey, who stepped down from Twitter last November, was publicly vocal about Musk’s takeover bid, stating that he believed he was the only possible solution he trusted.

The summoning requests Dorsey to turn over documents relating to data on Twitter’s fake accounts. Musk’s counter-suit hinges on his belief that a third of all Twitter users are fake accounts, and he was misled regarding the data. The company suggests the figure is far lower, and Musk is using the argument to move away from the deal due to his personal circumstances — referring to a steep decline in his net worth.

Musk has already sold shares in Tesla, freeing up funds and allowing him to complete the $44 billion purchase if he loses.

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