The vast improbability of Mexico’s earthquake.
mexico skyscrapers

At least one person has died after an earthquake registering 7.6 on the Richter scale rocked the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Damage was comparatively low, with only 200 buildings damaged across multiple states.

But as strong as the quake was, the coincidental timing of the disaster has drawn more attention. September 19th has been the date for not one but two other major quakes, including the infamous 1985 event that killed almost ten thousand people. The other took place in 2017 when hundreds more died.

Some analysts have calculated the odds of such significant quakes happening on the same date as 0.00075%, prompting fears that the day is cursed for Mexico. Reports emerged of the tremors beginning at the same time as remembrance services for children and other loved ones who died in ‘85 and ‘17 were happening.

Scientists have confirmed that there is no reason for tectonic plates to shift on a certain day, and it’s purely coincidental.

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