Mexico has removed an immigration document fo tourists arriving in Cancun granting them 180 days in the country
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Mexico has dropped the use of a required form at Cancun International Airport as the country attempts to streamline its overloaded tourist immigration system.

The pilot scheme, which could be expanded to the rest of the country, offers tourists an easier entry when visiting Mexico. In the past, anyone entering the country was required to fill out the FMM or Forma Multipla Migratoria before being admitted. Immigration officers then wrote the allotted number of days the tourist was allowed to stay.

Now, passengers from most countries will no longer need to fill it out and will be automatically given a stamp for 180 days. This is especially good news for longer-term travelers and digital nomads, who often find themselves with far fewer days given to them than hoped.

It should be stressed that only Cancun Airport is currently running the scheme, so visits to Cabos, Mexico City, or any other region of the country will still be subject to the FMM and any fines or fees associated with overstaying visas.

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