Sustainable travel is here to stay.

Sustainable travel is the new “norm-al” way to see the world, because who wants to feel guilty about their vacation choices?

Sixty-nine percent of travelers are seeking sustainable travel options, according to a report by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and Group highlighting how the travel industry has entered a transformational period in tourism, from airlines to accommodations. The number is expected to rise this year, especially among high-end or luxury travelers willing to spend more on sustainable travel. 

As travel is growing stronger than ever and bouncing back from a long stale period caused by the pandemic, travelers are now seeking sustainable tourism options to reduce their carbon footprint and conserve nature.

Other highlights in the report 

  • From 2021 to 2022, international overnight arrivals increased by 109 percent, indicating that wanderlust and traveler spending is in no way slowing down. 

  • Compared to 2019, 86 percent of travelers expect to spend the same or more on travel this year.

  • Thirty-one percent of travelers intend to travel more, not just farther than they did in 2022.

What does sustainable travel really mean?

Taking conscious steps to reduce carbon emissions, support local communities, and research and preserve natural and cultural heritage is the key to sustainable travel. 

How can I join in? 

Among the ways to become a sustainable traveler are choosing low-carbon transportation like trains and buses over airplanes, staying in eco-friendly accommodations that use renewable energy and minimize waste, supporting small businesses, eating locally, and avoiding activities that harm wildlife or disrupt the environment.

Considering these factors and making ethical decisions can reduce our impact on the planet and contribute to a more resilient future.

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