Peru bows to tourist demand
Lost city of the incas peru

The government of Peru has extended the capacity of its world-famous Incan ruin, Machu Picchu, after tickets for the site sold out well into August.

Visits to the Incan city had been limited to 4,004 a day, after being increased from 3,044 in July. But further increases will now allow 5,004 to explore the citadel. Frustrated tourists went as far as blocking the railway line from Cusco to the site, putting pressure on the Government to release more availability for visits.

The country has long struggled to balance its monetary priorities with the well-being of the jewel of its tourist industry. Machu Picchu is one of the most visited attractions on the planet but also one of the most vulnerable to over-tourism. Places on the coveted Inca Trail are limited to five hundred people a day, including porters and guides, meaning booking a space must be done at least six months in advance.

Whether Peru will drop the daily limit again when post-pandemic demand simmers is unclear, but many have criticized the government for bowing to tourism. Other at-risk cities like Venice have already introduced measures to prevent over-tourism. The Italian city recently became the first in the world to introduce an entry fee.

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