Research on traveler cargo trends has been released to celebrate 25 years of London Heathrow Express being in business.
London Heathrow Express

I’m an over-packer by nature with a tendency to forget things. I blame it on my love and prioritization of flashy shoes that are often uncomfortable, and tiny handbags that can’t hold much more than my phone—but which certainly match my outfit du jour.

New research from Heathrow Express reveals luggage anxiety is a real thing

A new series called “The Luggage Diaries” coupled with research on traveler cargo trends has been released to celebrate 25 years of London Heathrow Express being in business. The train to the airport is known for being a spacious, comfortable, and relaxing mode of transportation. The research revealed some intriguing trends, including that travelers’ biggest concern is someone messing with their luggage, whether it be moving, stealing, or even accidentally taking their personal belongings. 

The research also found what people can’t travel without

The research also shared insight into what passengers consider their most valuable pieces of cargo. The most commonly carried items include food and drink, souvenirs, occasion wear, and sports equipment. In no surprise to anyone, the majority of people can’t travel without their phones (71%). Other top items Heathrow Express passengers say they can’t travel without are their chargers and adaptors (54%), toiletries (46%), and their laptops (43%).

There are a lot of quirky cargo items, too

Not everyone is a shoe- and purse-junky like me. The research uncovered some of the most unique pieces of luggage uncovered over the years, including slow cookers, tea sets, a didgeridoo, and even cacti. 

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