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The holiday season has descended upon us. Thanksgiving is next week, and Christmas is somehow only five weeks away. Millions of Americans are expected to brave the utter chaos of the airport during this time, and while there’s no silver bullet for the excruciating pain of a Laguardia departure lounge at peak time, Clear is doing its best to help.

The company is offering customers two ways to grab a free three-month trial and breeze through airport security. The easiest option is to sign up through Kayak before December 31st.

To complete your membership, you’ll need to be verified by an ambassador at your nearest airport. There’s also a giftable version of the trial for current members who want to spread the love.

What is Clear, and how does it work?

Clear is currently utilized in more than 40 US airports and uses biometric scanning (fingerprints or eyes) to verify that a traveler’s identity. Once Clear Plus members check in at the airport kiosk, they’ll then be escorted to the front of the security line, breezing past what could be a huge line. Clear also works at a number of venues across the country, so you might be able to skip the line at an NFL game or Taylor Swift concert.

It’s important to note that Clear is not the same as TSA PreCheck, which allows you to skip the annoying full-body scans and keep your shoes and other stuff on. The most effective tactic is to utilize both and skip into departures like a pro. TSA PreCheck has also just reduced its prices, so it’s a good time to jump on board. And because neither option is available at all airports, doubling up might make sense.

Remember to cancel if you don’t intend to keep it

Once the three-month trial is over, you’ll be automatically charged the annual $189 fee, so make sure to set a reminder if you don’t want to keep it.

I’d sign up if the US would ever let me back in.

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