JetBlue will pay for your Uber to the airport.
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The fastest way to get on anyone’s nerves is asking them for a ride to and from the airport. And the quickest way to ruin that trip home is spending more money than you should’ve by renting a car or booking a taxi at a surcharge. 

To help travelers save money and appease their unofficial chauffeurs, a new pilot program between JetBlue Travel Products and Uber will credit airport transfers to passengers who book a travel package with the carrier.

Who qualifies for this program? 

JetBlue Vacations customers who book flight and hotel packages to Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, or Las Vegas International airports can receive a free $20 Uber voucher that can be used for airport transfers between homes or offices to (and from) the airport.

This new offer adds to JetBlue Vacations’ existing perks and takes advantage of the fact that many people booking flights will also have to book accommodations. When booking the two separately, customers may find that combining them is cheaper – alas this great new benefit.

“Our work with Uber reflects our goal to add even more value to the customer experience, and over the next couple of months, the hope is to expand the program to many more domestic destinations,” JetBlue Travel Products President Andres Barry shared.

How do I take advantage of the deal?

Travelers can click ‘add extras’ before checkout and receive their voucher via email (approx. 24 hours before departure). After clicking on the link, customers are then able to add the coupon to their personal Uber account.

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