Competing with TikTok isn't going to be easy.
phone screen showing the Instagram app icon with other apps around it

After the internet spent the last few days decrying the end of Instagram, accusing the platform of becoming a TikTok knock-off, it looks like the backlash was enough to prevent those changes…for now.

In a rare victory for users, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri announced that the recent changes would be shelved and that the company needs to “take a big step back and regroup.” Instagram will phase out the full-screen version that’s currently being tested and will reduce its number of recommended posts and accounts, allowing users to see more content from people they actually choose to follow.

It’s tough to say what led Instagram to walk back its changes, but hate from Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian probably didn’t hurt the cause. After all, back in 2018, Jenner single-handedly wiped out $1.3 billion from Snapchat’s stock with just a tweet.

Hate all you want, but right now, that level of influence seems to be the only thing standing between actually seeing photos of your friends and having to sift through videos of lip syncing tweens and pointless life hacks.

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