Tips on combating stingy PTO policies.

The start of a new year means that many people’s PTO balances are resetting. The US is known for having some of the stingiest PTO policies, so if there’s anything you can do to get more time off, it’s worth it. Get ahead of the curve and plan out your 2023 days off to maximize your vacation time by using these planning tricks.

If you’re able to squeeze in some last-minute time off this month, consider taking four days off on January 17 – 20. If you have Martin Luther King Jr. Day off on Monday the 16, that means you will get two weekends off in a row and can squeeze a whopping nine-day break out of it.

You can use the same take four days off, get the nine away method in February for President’s Day and May for Memorial Day, and so on.

If you’re looking to take a more extended trip, consider planning it for October. That month, you can get a 16-day vacation by only taking nine off. Put in your PTO request for October 2 through the 13 (not including Indigenous People’s Day, which most people have off), and you will end up with a 16-day vacation. That’s a perfect time for a far-off destination that’s on your bucket list. 

See Skyscanner’s full guide of which days to take off in 2023.

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